Poem/Text used in the Prologue (welsh) and Epilogue (Old Norse) of Mono:



We are a sign of empty meaning, indifferent and far from home.

Stolen from a dark continent, fallen from the sky or created by unseen forces.

As a path of an ancient sister world in the ancient dark beyond.

God is sound.

Frozen movement – Permanent rest – Shock.

Contemporary landscape is shaped with a preoccupation of fear.

A topography of terror. A landscape of contemporary war.

A reassuring container for angst.

Mode of destruction. A celebration of death.

Conceptual ruin. Concrete crypt.

Dynastic Mausoleum.


Mute as a stone. Frozen with fear.

You must remember to forget.

Linear void. Endless decay.

Negative beauty.

A temple minus the cult.

Wordless meditation.

Infinite Solitude.


Ursound from which sound is born.

Absence of pulse. Eternal nothingness. Endlessness. Death.

Monumental scale of void.

Nocturnal Darkness.


Silent as a tomb.

A mute form of encrypted secrets.

The death of the dead.

Only reflecting black.


If only my heart was stone.

mono scan