Mono - Work in progress

This experimental film will deal with the cryptic connection of monolithic architecture and monophonic music.



We are a sign of empty meaning, indifferent and far from home.
Stolen from a dark continent, fallen from the sky or created by unseen forces.
As a path of an ancient sister world in the ancient dark beyond.
God is sound.

Frozen movement – Permanent rest – Shock.
Contemporary landscape is shaped with a preoccupation of fear.

A topography of terror. A landscape of contemporary war.
A reassuring container for angst.

Mode of destruction. A celebration of death.
Dynastic Mausoleum.
Conceptual ruin. Concrete crypt.

Mute as a stone. Frozen with fear.

A mute form of encrypted secrets.
You must remember to forget.
Linear void. Endless decay.

Negative beauty. A temple minus the cult. Infinite Solitude.

Ursound from which sound is born.
The cold and the silent.

Absence of pulse. Eternal nothingness. Endlessness. Death.

Monumental scale of void. Nocturnal Darkness.

The nameless dark. Silent as a tomb.
The death of the dead. Only reflecting black.

If only my heart was stone.