Mono Screenings/Shows:


21/04/18 Screening at Radiophonic in London/UK


04/08/17 Screening at Edinborg Cultural Centre in Isafjörður/Iceland


30/04/17 Screening at The Mez Lincoln/Nebraska


02/04/17-01/05/17 Screening at Lemo Art Gallery Berlin/Germany


23/09/16 Screening at Hive Mind Akron/Ohio,audio performances by Neckline and Baat (Lisa Mirallia)


01/06/16 Screening at Ada in Vienna/Austria followed by a live performance from chra


13/05/16 Screening at Von Common Studios Missoula/Montana


23/04/16 Screening at Basilica Hudson/New York during 24 Hour Drone


31/03/16 Screening and Q & A at Dreamland in Buffalo/New York


30/03/16 Screening and Q & A at Aquehonga Cinema, Staten Island/New York City


18/12/15 Screening in Antwerp/Belgium at THE ALCHEMY OF EMBODIMENT


11/12/15 Premiere in All Hallow's Hall Bristol UK followed by a live performance from Joss Bromley



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