†heory ∆ ∞ ∆

A lost forgotten sad spirit. Black metal, psychosis and the collective unconsciousness.

†rue Nørwegian Blæck Me†al had its peak in the early 1990's. It manifested itself not only in the music but also brought along phenomena like suicide, church burnings and murder. A collective psychosis? Is the dark misanthropic mentality of the genre a somewhat deeper manifestation of contemporary (self-)hatred? Black Metal as a vessel for a delusional middle-class youth? A channel for the social mentally ill? What are the psychological reasons for the many arsons related to the inner Black Circle?

What about the strong fascination with Norse mythology and heathendom among Black Metal musicians since it is apparent that Black Metal has a strong imagery referring to old Norse religious themes both in lyrics as well as in appearance and uses elements that can be traced back to the Viking Age.

Can the strong hatred against Christianity be linked to avatism?
Is Black Metal actually a form of expression of cultural inheritance which dates back more than 1000 years ago?
How does Black Metal relate to the ancient Oskorei myth?
C.G. Jung's – sometimes controversial - theories and thoughts about the collective unconsciousness and archetypes shall be called on to solidify the suspicion that Black Metal can be linked to heathen heritage.

Some Black Metal Bands devote themselves and their music to the pre-Christian Norse religion of Ásartú. Odinism has seen a strong revival in Northern Europe since the 1960's.
You could even argue that the old legends are repeating itself in the epic drama of the events that took place in Black Metal in the Nineties.